Did you come to the ASD party late? Did you learn The Facts of Life, maybe even had your own Full House, before it dawned on you that hey, you’re the one of the things that aren’t like the others? You don’t need to have been born in the 70’s & 80’s to relate. In this place, there’s no explanation necessary. We get you.

GenX Aspie* is a resource, a community, and a home for the “lost generation” — the uncounted legion of adults who suspect or have confirmed their neurotype as being on the autism spectrum but maybe didn’t find out about it until way, way, way late in the game. We created this corner of the web to educate, inspire, support, and give hope to those of us who people may not believe, who couldn’t possibly be, who never thought it could be us but yet, here we are.

Are you a non-ASD parent, friend, or well-meaning ally? Feel free to learn from our resources while keeping in mind that because there are precious few resources available, GenX Aspie was created by us, for us.

GenX Aspie is a gender/orientation/identity/body/ability/outlook accepting space. When commenting (and please do add your voice because you’re important), be kind, be courteous, be a good person so you too can receive the respect you deserve.

You should also be aware that because products are mentioned and made available here, as an Amazon Associate GenX Aspie earns fees from qualifying purchases.

So, like, totally pop that collar and come on in. Welcome home. This is where you belong.

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First-person ASD video diaries are collected on YouTube at the GenX Aspie Channel.

* It’s true. “Asperger’s Syndrome” has been reworked in the official language and relates directly to the worst kind of history. “GenX Aspie” was chosen to reflect an era, an identity, and to connect with the cultural shorthand that serves to bring people together rather than divide. ALL are welcome here; you shall be addressed however you specify.