ASD-Friendly Podcasts!

Podcasts are the bombdiggity. Now that it’s totes normcore to have earbuds permanently embedded, people leave you blissfully alone while you listen the day away (for now). Podcast allow you to mainline all the reliable, comforting voices you can stand as they deliver the new info you crave. You can listen to the same episode or segment of an episode over and over as many times as you like and no one will ask you why or to turn it down or when you’re going to listen to something else. Bliss.

This is a selection of pro-adult-autie podcasts as well as ones that offer useful general life advice (if only for better understanding non-autistic people). Each should be available through your favourite podcast provider (such as iTunes, PodBean, Stitcher, Spotify, etc.) As always, if something is missing from the list, let us know asap and we’ll see what we can do.

ASD-Specific Podcasts

 Exploring Different Brains with Hackie Reitman, M.D.
Discusses neurodiversity in general. Founded and hosted by Hackie Reitman, M.D., the author of Aspertools. @diffbrains

Spectrumly Speaking
Focusing on autistic women’s experiences. Hosted by Katherine Cody, Psy.D. and Becca Lory, CAS, BCCS. @SpectrumWomen

Spectrum of Possibilities
Friends discussing autistic life. Hosted by comedian Monique Moreau @bigbadbutt & Amanda Tendler @loveyoubyebye.

Film, television, and pop culture from an #ActuallyAutistic perspective.

Autistic Flappy Hour
Three friends host one-hour episodes on autism-related subjects.

Thrive with Aspergers
General discussion of autistic life. Hosted by Steve Borgman. @steveborgman

Them Aspergers
Scarlett & Nicki talk about life on the spectrum from their POV. @them_aspergers

Aspie Cast

General Interest Podcasts


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    Below are more podcasts for you to add to this page:

    St Elsewhere (

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    Would you like to add to this page a new podcast Katherine May is starting called “Normal” (

    1. genxaspie says:

      Absolutely. It would be an honour.

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