Sleeping While Autistic

Hello insomnia! Maybe you can’t get to sleep or can’t stay asleep. Maybe you’re someone who wakes up way too early and that’s it, you’re up for the day. More than one of these? Ugh, things can get fugly, fast.

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Stim! Stim! Stim!

Stim to relieve tension and soothe. Stim to increase sensory input and perk up. Stim because it feels sooooo goooood.

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ASD-Friendly Podcasts!

A fine selection of pro-adult-autie podcasts plus a bonus few that offer useful general life advice (if only for better understanding non-autistic people). Listen up!

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ASD Reading List!

We’ve collected guides to living on the spectrum, autistic autobiographies, fiction by autistic authors, fiction with autistic characters, readers’ favourites, and more. All on Goodreads!

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Video Diaries for Autistics, by Autistics

Want to learn more about who you are? Need to see yourself mirrored in the lives of others? We all do. That’s why we’ve collected videos made by autistics in a collection of YouTube playlists. Enjoy.

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