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Congratulations! You scored late-life confirmation of your neurotype or you strongly suspect you’re on the spectrum. Now what?

You have questions, don’t you? You know it, which is why GenX Aspie was born.

This resource is a work-in-progress that is just beginning. It’s for autistics by autistics and we want nothing more than for you to dive in. Read more about what we’re building here: About GenxAspie.com. If you’re new to all this ASD business, we suggest you start by watching some of the video diaries collected on YouTube. Here’s a list of categories to get you started:


Bookmark this spot (genxaspie.com) then come back as we grow to get awesome ASD life hacks and rad tips to get you through your day so you feel bangin’ more of the time.

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You’re one of us now.
Welcome home.